Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen • Key Largo

Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen is the longest running restaurant in Key Largo. It was originally founded by Jeff MacFarland in 1976 who named it in honor of his mother and her recipes.

This gem has continuously won “The Best” in the People’s Choice Awards and Best Hometown Café along with numerous other awards. Their goal of serving fantastic food and service in a classic FL Keys atmosphere is realized.

Try: Juan’s Caramel Bacon French Toast, Fluffy Omelets, Alligator Sausage, Famous Homemade Chili, and Relleno Style Fish of the Day.

Visit 2 locations: 99336 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, 305-451-3722 OR 99020 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo; 305-451-6227;

* Editor’s Note: By Nancy Radlauer, – This spot is worth the stop. Don’t forget to pick up a few bottles of their signature hot sauce!