Legends of Xscape• W. Palm Beach

You’ve heard all the talk about interactive escape rooms. Well, you’ve just found the greatest escapes of all at Legends of Xscape. Take a deep breath and enter the door of your choice. While it looks like you’re in an ordinary room, its really a mystery puzzle.

You have 60 minutes to find the hidden objects, decipher clues and solve the puzzles to earn your freedom and make the “Xscape.”. Bring your family and friends. Even your coworkers, because this is an exciting chance to use logic and teamwork to achieve a common goal- escape!

Choose the escape room that most intrigues you including Ivan’s Lair,Elevators A and B, Houdinis Final Escapeand Captured Area 51. Each escape offers a different challenging and exciting experience to earn your freedom and “beat” the escape room. Legends of Xscape is also the perfect choice for birthday and bachelorette parties, holiday gatherings, you name it.

Visit: 324 Datura St, Suite 101, West Palm Beach, FL 33401; 561-406-0611; legendsofxscape.com.