‘za Pizza • Nashville

Chef Karl Worley’s latest project is ‘za, a restaurant serving wood-fired pizzas that are handcrafted with locally sourced, Southern ingredients. The restaurant is located in Nashville’s Hillsboro Village adjacent to his restaurant Biscuit Love.

‘za / zä / noun / informal / short for pizza! ‘za is a fast-casual experience with family-style seating – order your pie at the counter and receive it in a to-go box so you can “take out or hang out.”  The focal point is their custom Italian-made pizza oven and on one wall is a mural bearing a famous quote by actor Bill Murray.


The menu is comprised of 9 signature pies such as That Hipster Place in Brooklyn (Red Sauce, Soppressata, Mozzarella, Hot Honey); Rescuer (Red Sauce, Sausage, Mozzarella, Mint); Thoroughbred Hillbilly (White Sauce, Mozzarella, Benton’s Prosciutto, Arugula).  Four-day-fermented whole wheat dough is topped with local ingredients then wood-fired. For an extra saucy experience, 6 “dip dips” can be ordered to dip your pipe crust.

There are 2 salad options: Kale Caesar with Spice and a Grain Salad. Don’t forget dessert – The Vincenzo – a playful take on tiramisu with a caramel crunch.

Visit: 2005 Belcourt Avenue, Nashville (Hillsboro Village), TN; www.zayall.com