Street Painting Festival • Jan 2023 • Lake Worth

It looks like an ordinary street to passersby, but once a year this and other streets around it come alive! When the Lake Worth Street Paining Festival turns asphalt into artwork. Just a short drive from Palm Beach, this unique gathering of renowned street artists uses the pavement as their canvases to create temporary masterpieces in an open-air museum of art, sound and other sensory amusements.

From one of a kind masterpieces to eye-popping 3D effects, fooling the visitor into seeing a deep crater or perhaps meeting a lifelike flying dragon! Environmentally friendly chalks transform streets and sidewalks into living art in a centuries old tradition. Combined with  and more, this weekend-long event isa  family-friendly experience not to be missed. Be sure to get there early on both days of the festival since these artistic visions last only until the next rain drop.

  • Directions: Take I-95 to 10th Avenue N., East to Dixie Highway; South on Dixie Highway to Lake and Lucerne Avenues, Downtown Lake Worth

Visit:  Lake Worth, Fl; 800-554-7256;