World Chocolate Day • Aug. 2018

Chocolate Factory Tour and Tasting for World Chocolate Day!

Exquisito Chocolates – August 7, 2018

Your Willy Wonka dreams are about to come true! Learn all about chocolate on a  chocolate tour at Exquisito Chocolates as they celebrate World Chocolate Day.

Exquisito Chocolates uses only the best and most ethically-sourced beans, roasted and ground to perfection, using only sugar – no preservatives or additives. Their love of chocolate started in Paris in 2011 where they discovered delicious hot chocolate; then in Montmartre, when introduced to handmade velvety creations. With their interests peaked, they began to perfect recipes until voila! They finally replicated their Parisian experience.

Take a tour of the production space, taste samples, and learn how cacao beans evolve into delectable chocolates.

Children over 8 years are welcome to join. Tour clothing requirements: long pants and closed-toed shoes. Hairnets will be provided for the journey.

Tours approximately 45-60 min.

Visit: Exquisito Chocolates, 2606 Southwest 8th Street, Miami