Ministry Art Show • Honoring Artist Sandra Joy Perini • Sept 2019

September 14-21, 2019 • 5:00- 9:00PM

MAG Fashion Lounge5701 Sunset Drive # 184, S. Miami

Live Entertainment: J.D Danner | Michael Wollman | Desiree Kim | Carlos Puig

Ministry Art: Art of the Spiritually Woke is an event comprised of spiritual searchers’ art, music, and prayer. The show is a breast cancer fundraiser in honor of Christian sculptor Sandra Joy Perini, who recently died of metastatic breast cancer. Ministry Art was Sandra’s mission; centered on the spiritual belief that invokes introspection, thankfulness, and hope. Work that compels viewers to take action and embark on a new way of thinking.

Participating artists include: George Alvarez – Rosaria Aestus Vigorito – Olga Bussot – Jeff Cash – Ileana Collazo – Kelly Fawaz – Pilar Gray Benitez – Broncha Klainbaum – Alina Ko – Caryn Laufer Frishman – Robert Anthony –  Montesino – Sonia Sanchez Nieto – Shahina Siddiqi

Y2T Media, the exhibition’s sponsor, partnered with ARTfullAngels, Inc.  a nonprofit that provides free financial support for screening mammography, diagnostic breast imaging and breast cancer care to uninsured women to showcase the works of the participating artists and raise funds for such an important cause as is breast cancer awareness and treatment.

MAG Fashion Hall Lounge is a collaborative retail model for shared urban spaces for emerging and established brands that offer access to serviced spaces through month-to-month membership. Their mission is centered on a shared network of spaces that function as a collaborative retail laboratory that generates insights around the future of retail in urban settings.

L: “The Wounded Soldier” by Sandra Joy Perini

R: “Esther” by Sandra Joy Perini



  • Donations by Monty Perini, Les Feldman, John Taggart, Randy Perini, Olga Tranquilino, Effi Shalom, George Alvarez, Emma Lopez and Eldrys Siam-Eck.

Additional information and updates:

  • Sandra Perini’s Ministry Art mission statement
  • https://magfashionlounge

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