RFID Travel Vest

It’s not Rocket Science…It’s Pocket Science!

Who hasn’t lost their keys or phone momentarily only to scramble to discover them? Years ago, Scott Jordan realized the world of fashion was light years behind the ever-changing world of technology. Scott’s wife, Laura, was tired of Scott asking her to carry all of his gadgets in her purse. The lightning bolt struck Scott “People need better, smarter pockets”. And right then, the eVEST was born.

Their signature style will keep you safe, organized and connected. You’ll fit all your essentials with room to spare and built-in RFID blocking pockets to ward off hackers. Whether you’re on a trip around the world or a trip to the grocery store, you’ll be comfortable thanks to the breathable, lightweight fabric of our best-selling travel vest.

Sample vest – 18 pockets and that’s only the inside of the vest. Additional pockets on the outside as well.

The line has expanded to include…hoodies, windbreakers, shirts, pullovers & more each uniquely fitted with pockets, of course!

VISIT: ScotteVest; https://www.scottevest.com; 866-909-8378