Claiborne Farms Horse Tours • Lexington

Welcome to Claiborne Farm

Claiborne Farm offers guided, behind-the-scenes, walking tours seven days a week; one-hour tours include meeting their prized stallions, seeing the breeding shed, learning about breeding process and visiting the cemetery. Since Claiborne Farm is a private working farm, tours are by appointment only so reservations are a must. There are no guarantees on which horses you will meet, but rest assured, I had the privilege of meeting several of these beautiful champions. And I loved the entire experience at Claiborne Farm.

I remember our tour guide, an on-site trainer and breeder, stating that every horse has its own unique personality. How true! Of the six horses we got up close and personal with, I fed peppermint candies to War Mount (he slobbered all over my hand) and I brushed the silky coat of Orb, a former Kentucky Derby winner. The Farm has earned outstanding awards relating to breeding sires; raising sires of champions; Triple Crown and Breeder’s Cup winners; National Racing Hall of Fame; and many more. Claiborne Farm experience is the perfect countryside tour!

From Yesterday to Today…

Seth Hancock was 23 when his father Bull Hancock died. Although his father’s will pointed toward joint leadership with outside supervision, Seth took the sole leadership position following his dedication and hard work on the farm. Over the years, Claiborne has seen notable success in sales, in breeding, and was influential in the evolution of the Breeder’s Cup; Seth gave it an important imprimatur by signing up the prestige of Claiborne to provide income from stallion seasons, a key source of Breeders’ Cup funding. Over a century later, the masters of Claiborne Farm have faced many changes in the industry, but have succeeded while adhering to the best principles of stewardship of  the land, the horses, and the sport of Thoroughbred racing.

Claiborne’s Hall of Fame…

Whether you are a horse racing fan or not, Claiborne’s online Hall of Fame showcases an amazing roster of Claiborne’s greatest horses, including photos and a brief synopsis of their background, breeding, family ties, and races. Here is a sneak peak at one recognizable winner Secretariat.


SECRETARIAT  1970 – 1989..

The story of “Big Red” begins with a 1969 coin toss to determine who got first pick of the foals produced by Meadow Stable mares to Ogden Phipps’ important sire, Bold Ruler. Phipps won the toss. In 1972, Secretariat was the first-ever, 2-year-old Horse of the Year, edging out Claiborne-raised La Prevoyante. In 1973, he became the darling of the entire nation; he won the Triple Crown in record time for all three events; graced the covers of Time, Sports Illustrated and Newsweek; repeated as Horse of the Year; and forever raised the bar for all thoroughbreds.  Time magazine dubbed Secretariat “Super Horse” when he graced its cover. The bright chestnut with three white stockings was the most celebrated racehorse of all time and the only non-human ranked among ESPN’s 50 Greatest Athletes of the 20th Century.

Bourbon County Secretariat Festival… The annual Bourbon County Secretariat Festival celebrates Secretariat’s legacy. The Festival, through charitable contributions, provides funding for equine research, civic causes, and charitable organizations.

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