The Roosevelt Bath and Spa • Saratoga Springs

When visiting Saratoga Springs, bathing in the mineral springs at the famous Roosevelt Bath and Spa is a must. People come from all over the world to experience the healing power of the natural occurring effervescent mineral waters.  The Roosevelt Bath and Spa is just one of 2 remaining mineral bath spas operating in Saratoga Springs today.

Located in the State Park, the spa is part of the Gideon Putman Resort.  Established in 1935; the spa resort is named after President Franklin Roosevelt who was a big believer in the mineral spring’s curative waters. This historical landmark offers 42 original treatment rooms-where guests can take a 97-100 degree, bubbly 40-minute healing hydrotherapy mineral treatment

The treatment includes full use of the spa and steam room for the entire day. The spa offers a complete menu of other services including massages – facials – mineral baths – and body wraps.  Check out their popular spa vacation packages.

Visit: The Gideon Putnam Resort, 24 Gideon Putnam Road, Saratoga Springs, NY; 866-890-1171; gideonputnam/roosevelt-bathsandspa

  • By Randy Perini, Publisher