Palm Beach Airboat Rides • Parkland, Palm Beaches

The Florida Everglades, also called “The River of Grass”, is one of the widest, virtually uninhabited wetlands and most spectacular sights in the world.  Palm Beach Airboat Rides makes this unique gift of Mother Nature come alive as an airboat safely whisks you on an amazing fun ride through the Florida swamps

Leaving from a ramp at Loxahathee Preserve in nearby Parkland, Florida, all of the tours are private, so there will be no strangers aboard the boat. The most famous is the Everglades Back Country tour where most passengers will encounter Everglades reptiles – the great American Alligator. Airboats glide smoothly across the top of the water like riding on a motor cycle with skies. The airboats Palm Beach Airboat Rides uses are made to their custom specifications and are certified safe and comfortable. Based on the reviews they received, they can honestly say they have the best equipment and airboats in the Everglades.

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