British Museum • The West End, Bloomsbury

As Britain’s most visited attraction, the British Museum boasts more than 6 million visitors annually. Founded in 1753, it was mainly sourced during the era of British Empire.

It’s a tour through 7000 years of world culture, from Egypt to the Middle East, Rome and Greece, as well as prehistoric, Roman Britain and medieval antiquities. The Great Court entry, designed by Norman Foster in 2000, is Europe’s largest covered public square. With 90 galleries and seven million exhibits, it’s best to join a tour of the highlights, or map out the must-sees beforehand: the Rosetta Stone (the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics); the huge bust of Pharaoh Ramesses II; the Mummy of Katebet; the Parthenon Sculptures; Winged Bulls from Khorsabad; the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial Artefacts from the grave of an important Anglo-Saxon royal; and the Mildenhall Treasures.

Visit: Great Russell St & Montague Pl, WC1B 3DG; 020-7323 8299;