Swan Boats • Boston

Boston’s Swan Boats have been in operation since the 1870’s, a cultural icon for visitors to the capitol. Rowing small boats across the city’s public garden lagoon was a favorite pastime during those long-ago Summers. Robert Paget developed a catamaran, which housed a foot-propelled paddle wheel. He chose to cover the captain with a swan.

Located in Boston’s Victorian-era public garden, the boat ride is 12-15 minutes of bliss. The boats operate from the 2ndweekend in April – the 3rdweekend in September. Today, the 4thgeneration of the Paget family continues to preserve the tradition of their ancestors – a young boat builder and his wife – the widely recognized symbol of Boston is not to be missed.

Visit: 4 Charles Street S, Boston, MA; 617-522-1966; swanboats.com