The Hermitage Hotel • Nashville

The Hermitage Hotel, in downtown Nashville, is Tennessee’s only Forbes 5 Star hotel. This cherished landmark is known as Nashville’s 1st million-dollar hotel and is recognized for its commitment to the preservation of the region’s heritage, including the conservation of local farms and the protection of its natural landscapes. 





Its distinctive Beaux-Arts style offers an old-world blend of classical Italian and French Renaissance as seen in its spacious lobby, grand staircase, ballroom, mezzanine, VerandaGrill Room, and world-famous Oak Bar. The bar originally opened as a private gentleman’s club in 1910; during prohibition, the bar achieved notoriety when it was caught serving teapots filled with bourbon. Today, the Oak Bar is known for its extensive 130-bottle Bourbon Library, one of the largest collection of bourbons in Nashville.

The Hermitage Hotel is affectionately called the “grand dame” of Nashville and fittingly so – it offers exemplary hospitality and is visually stunning!

Visit: 231 6th Avenue N., Nashville; 615-244-3121 or 888-888-9414; Hermitage Hotel