The Palm • NYC

The Palm, located in New York City’s West Side area, has been an institution in the city for decades.  Opened in 1926, The Palm didn’t start out as a steak house but is now considered one of the city’s premiere places to savor some delicious USDA prime beef.

Hand selected cuts from corn fed cows that are aged for a minimum of 35 days are now what The Palm is known for, but there are plenty of other temptations. Bone-in NY Cut Sirloin; Colorado or Cajun Rib SteaksLemon Pepper Chicken; and of course their 3-13 pound Lobsters. The restaurant has a long list of tempting side dishes as well. Although you can enjoy The Palm in many cities today, there is something about going back to where it all began that makes it special.

Visit: 250 West 50thStreet, NY; 212-333-7256;