Cathead Distillery • Jackson, MS

Cathead is Mississippi’s 1st legal distillery and the creator of seven beloved, small-batch spirits. Located in the heart of downtown Jackson, Cathead was founded in 2010 by friends and blues fans Austin Evans & Richard Patrick.

Dedicated to producing only the finest, most authentic beverages with a unique local flair, Austin and Richard, along with Distiller Phillip Ladner, fired up a still and began producing Cathead Original Vodka, Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka, Cathead Pecan Vodka, Bristow Gin, Bristow Barrel Aged Gin, Hoodoo Chicory Liquor, and Old Soul Bourbon Whiskey.

  • Cathead Vodka… Sweet grain corn for a crisp finish; made in small 500 gallon batches or less; clean and rich flavor profile, smooth and velvety sweet finish.
  • Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka… Made in small batches of all natural ingredients;  soft floral and herbaceous aromas of honeysuckle; sweet and delicate flavor with a well-rounded fresh finish.
  • Cathead Pecan Vodka… Carefully-macerated, stainless steel aging process; no artificial coloring or flavors; aromas of freshly roasted pecans emit a subtle sweetness for a nutty finish.
  • Bristow Gin… Produced with Cathead Vodka as its base; ten different botanicals are macerated for two weeks until a flavor profile is reached then redistilled; hints of Juniper, Angelica Root, Cardamon, Cassia bark, Clove, Coriander, Hyssop, Licorice Root, Lemon Verbena and Sweet Orange.
  • Bristow Reserve Gin… One year in new fifty-three gallon American oak barrels, char #3 to allow the gin’s juniper to mellow; notes of caramel & spice; very approachable at 113 proof; flavors of oak with a deep and rich flavor profile, pure and botanical finish.
  • Old Soul Bourbon Whiskey… Precise blend of  two whiskeys with an identical high-rye mash bill, aged for different time frames; expertly blended from whiskeys distilled in Indiana and Mississippi; hand-made & hand-selected, light amber color with caramel vanilla, toasted oak and pipe tobacco on the nose; leathery-spice entry with a creamy sweetness leading into brown sugar, cherry fruit and oak spice on the finish.

From crawfish boils to live music, Cathead Distillery has become an integral part of the Jackson community. Locals and visitors alike come to take a tour, enjoy the annual 2-day music spring festival, Cathead Jam, and check out the curated retail shop onsite. 

The name “Cathead,” a term first coined by Mississippi blues musicians as a nod to respected artists, pays homage to the state’s rich musical heritage; in this spirit, Cathead is actively involved in local and regional philanthropy & donates a portion of all proceeds to nonprofits that contribute to Southern arts and culture. 

Austin, Richard, and Phillip’s passion and expertise is felt in all facets of Cathead’s brand. Stop by, enjoy the venue, and imbibe a bit!

Visit: 422 South Farish St., Jackson, MS; 601-667-3038; Cathead