Forno Bistro • Saratoga Springs, NY

Forno Bistro, one of DZ’s restaurants, is rooted in tradition – with rustic, Tuscan-style food that’s hearty and unpretentious, filled with sophisticated flavors.  Forno Bistro features the “hammer and nails happy hour,” with $5, $7, and $9 levels, eight new draft lines, an expanded wine list and many new food items on the menu.

They’re known for items such as Arancini, Polpette, Margherita pizza, and Fra Diavolo. The menu expresses a sense of hearth and home that defines the Tuscan style-of-life with many dishes greatly influenced by using their wood-fired oven.  Occasionally they offer cooking demonstrations.

Visit: 541 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY; 518-581-2401;