West Palm Beach Food Tours • W. Palm Beach

If you’re a Foodie, be sure to get a taste of deliciousness on a West Palm Beach Food Tour.  With 6 tasting stops at great locally owned restaurants, you’ll go off the beaten path for a culinary history lesson of this tropical dining mecca. Savor the flavors of local cuisine as well as Cuban, Latin American and many more nationalities as you interact with award-winning chefs (some featured on the Food Network) and restaurant owners.

You shall also take in sites such as colorful street art, historic homes, lovely hidden courtyards and lush natural beauty. This popular, small tour experience is designed to connect guests with local foods and the chefs who prepare them. Learn how to open a coconut. Sip a Prosecco Mojito at a wine bar. Learn the origins of Key Lime Pie, the “Florida state dessert” and so much more! Private tours and cooking lessons are also available.

Visit: West Palm Beach, FL 33401, 561-220-9880, 866-736-6343; westpalmbeachfoodtour.com