The New England Holocaust Memorial • Boston

The New England Holocaust Memorial was built to serve as a beacon of memory and hope. It invites all visitors to reflect on the huge impact both bigotry and oppression have on all humanity. Located along Boston’s historic Freedom Trail, the site offers a unique opportunity to think about the importance of society’s respect for everyone’s human rights. The project was initiated by a group of Holocaust survivors living in the Boston area.

By the time it was dedicated, October 1995, more than 3,000 individuals and organizations nationwide had pledged to sponsor the endeavor. Each of the six towers represent the death camps. Etched on the glass are millions of numbers, a reminder of victim’s tattoos.

The inside walls are inscribed with quotes from witnesses to the Holocaust. Visitors often leave stones at the site of the Memorial, reflecting the ages-old Jewish custom of marking a graveside visit. Self-guided and guided tours are available.


Visit: Carmen Park, 98 Union Street, Boston, MA; 617-457-8755;