Cochon • NOLA

Cochon captures New Orleans’s unique blend of down-home coziness and refined fare. It offers two ends of the spectrum; from a world-class wine list to fried pig’s ear salads. The wood-fired oyster roast is a succulent appetizer; five of these famous aphrodisiacs bedded in a chili-garlic butter.

The signature dish is the Louisiana cochon (pig) with turnips, cabbage, and cracklins. The pork is braised for twenty-four hours then formed into patties to be sautéed to a light crisp. And don’t forget their house-made bacon.

Cochon Butcher, their adjacent sandwich and butcher shop, is teeming with with gourmet items to to take-out. Bite for bite this may be one of Nola’s best keep secrets.


Visit: 930 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans; 504-588-2123,