City Park • Nola

There is no doubt that New Orleans is a bustling city but it’s not without wide open green spaces. City Park, which boasts 1300 acres, is fifty percent larger that New York City’s Central Park.

It sits not too far from the French Quarter and has more to offer visitors than just green space. The park features its own amusement park, botanical gardens, golf course, tennis courts, an art museum and even a children’s museum. City Park has it all – including a full-service equestrian facility; a thirteen-acre equestrian center offering horseback riding lessons, boarding, summer camps, and family rides.

City Park is close to a number of good restaurants but has a few of its own concession areas and cafes as well. Visitors who wish to take timeout from all of the busy activity in New Orleans have found the perfect place in City Park.


Visit: 1 Palm Drive, New Orleans 504-482-488;