OVO Travel Iron and Steamer

It is a mini multitasker! An all-in-one iron and a steamer. But do not be fooled by its charm or size. This portable powerhouse travels light and takes out wrinkles without taking up space. The OVO 150GT Travel Iron and Steamer by Reliable Corp. resembles a 4″ x 5″ ostrich egg. It offers continuous steam, has a soft-touch handle, is super light-weight at 24 ounces, and includes a heat-proof travel bag. It operates on 110V, has a powering-on indicator, a sleep mode, a 6.3″ electrical cord, and an electronic steam pump. The OVO’s base even has a handy suit-in stand to sit upright when at rest.

Reliable Corp. is a family business that was founded in 1955 by the father of the current CEO. Over the years, Reliable has grown from a small provider of sewing machines to an industry leader serving several markets. Its professional steam cleaning products are used independently as well as commercially. Reliable has been known for its customer focus, consistently providing both high-quality products and first-class customer service.

The OVO is a perfect travel companion for any leisure or business trip!

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  • By Nancy Radlauer, Editor.InboundMagazine@gmail.com