Cafe du Pays • Boston

This French-Canadian-inspired restaurant is a welcome sight in the city of Boston. The small restaurant, formerly Hungry Mother, has a big bar focus – it’ll take more than a few minutes to make your way through the beer, wine, and cocktail menus.

In 2017 it took the #1 spot in Boston’s list of the area’s 25 best new dining spots. Their menu includes fried artichokes, charcuterie, and deer with huckleberries. Patrons who aren’t fond of meat dishes are happy to read that vegan and plant-based items are also on the menu. Others state that the poutine is ‘flawless.’ This restaurant has quickly risen to the top for its authentic take on a type of cuisine that’s important to Boston’s history.

Visit: 233 Cardinal Medeiros Ave. Kendall Square, Boston, MA; 617-314-7297;