Granary Tavern • Boston

Located on Milk Street, in what once was a historic grain mill, Granary Tavern boasts two floors and bars accented with exposed brick and beams – the warm atmosphere a perfect spot for food, drinks, unwinding after a stressful workday, and fun.

Originally designed by Boston architect, Charles Bullfinch, the notable building was constructed in 1816. Today, designer Kelly (Glynn) Laurence melds both rustic and modern elements, creating a picture of charming elegance in her latest innovation.

The first floor includes a brick patio that overlooks the lush Rose F. Kennedy Greenway. The downstairs area has the intimate feel of a wine cellar with its granite foundation walls, exposed beams, and open kitchen. From flavorful croissants, Bang Bang cauliflower, grilled lamb porterhouse, and more, everyone leaves full and happy.

Visit: 170 Milk Street, Boston, MA; 617-449-7110;