Brooklyn Winery • Brooklyn, NY

It’s not Napa Valley. In fact, this popular working winery is located in, of all places, in the vibrant Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, just a short ride from the midtown Manhattan. Brooklyn Winery is one of New York’s and the country’s few boutique urban wineries.

The Winery’s world renowned winemaker works to craft premium small batch wines that combine tradition with innovation.  Visitors will learn how the wines are produced on a Guided Tour then cozy on up to the wine bar and savor artisanal varieties accompanied by perfectly paired seasonal dishes.


Perfect for novices and wine enthusiasts alike, Brooklyn Winery offers a wide variety of wine education classes, where participants can experience the nuances of wine and explore the unique challenges of urban winemaking; learn about wine and cheese pairings; the art of wine tasting and blind tasting; and more! On select days, visitors can reserve an intimate tour, followed by a curated tasting of a variety of Brooklyn Winery wines. Come visit Napa in New York soon!

Visit: 213 N 8th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211, 347-763-1506;