Amara at Paraiso

Internationally acclaimed Chef- Michael Schwartz’s Amara at Paraiso brings together bold Latin American of food culture to create the quintessential Miami waterfront restaurant from environment to cuisine and vibe.
Inspired by its idyllic bayside setting, 2 blocks east of Biscayne Blvd. on NE 31st street in the Pariso district, guests will experience the dynamic energy, local ingredients, and natural beauty of Biscayne Bay that defines Miami. The 4,500 square foot indoor-outdoor space celebrates the natural beauty of its surroundings incorporating the tropical waterfront environment.
The restaurant features clean and balanced food, wholesome–building flavors, great ingredients and simple cooking techniques – centered around the flame. Brightened by freshly picked herbs and bold sauces, the menu focuses on nuts, grains, vegetables, sprouts, and roasted and spit-fired meats and fish.
When visiting Miami – Amara at Paraiso is an Inbound Destinations “Must Dine Experience”!
 • Amara at Paraiso, 305-702-5528, 3101 NE 7th Ave., Miami,