Boulud Sud • NYC

Embark on a magnificent culinary tour of the Mediterranean at Boulud Sud, uber-Chef Daniel Boulud‘s exciting new concept. The menu spans a “vibrant celebration of sea and sun” with an emphasis on regional flavors, an abundance of fresh vegetables, seafood, citrus, grains and herbs.






Begin dinner with delicious tapas (small plates), then move onto superb larger dishes; Lamb FlatbreadAndalusian Gazpacho, Morroccan HummusBranzino A La Plancha, and Summer Chicken Tagine are all standouts. The wine list ranges from French rosés and Italian reds to more unique expressions from Greece, Spain and other coastal regions. Boulud Sud has a twin restaurant in Miami too!

Visit: 20 W 64th St, New York, NY;  212-595-1313;