Monday, August 9 marked the long-awaited milestone for our industry as we eased border restrictions for fully vaccinated Americans. This is a major step for the recovery of Canada’s tourism sector and reuniting with our neighbours in the US.

The value that tourism brings to Canada, our communities and our people has never been more evident. A recovered tourism industry ultimately means positive impacts to the socio-cultural and economic benefits we produce for all Canadians. The reopening of the border to fully vaccinated Americans is a critical step towards that recovery.

Historically, the US accounted for 68% of international overnight visitors to Canada and 49% of total overnight tourism receipts. As we reopen to international travel, we are forecasting that US visitors to Canada will lead our international recovery efforts, representing over 54% of total international tourism receipts between 2021 and 2025.

While our efforts have always been focused on keeping Canada top of mind with our American neighbours, we’re excited to launch a new campaign to show US travellers that we’re ready to welcome them back; that each of our communities is filled with glowing hearts and open minds; and that we are eager to share new experiences, new ideas and new memories with people who are just as welcoming and vibrant. Our new Open Hearts video campaign launched this week.

As we enter this second phase of the border reopening, it is important to note, travel to Canada is going to be a little different than it was prior to the pandemic.

For additional information: Government of Canada website.